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When a loved one passes away, it can be a difficult time for friends and family, especially if it was sudden or unexpected. Under these circumstances, there are, naturally, arrangements to be made to bring closure. Organising a cremation, however, does not have to be an expensive or overly complicated process. We understand that cremations are appropriate for those looking for a simple and dignified way to say goodbye to their dearly departed.

We offer cremation services that can be tailored to accommodate your needs. One of our most basic packages involves a non-attended, private, and direct committal service. This option for cremations is relatively easy to arrange. Simply get in touch with our caring and understanding team.

The basic cost of a cremation is $1,600 inclusive of GST, which is one of the cheapest options available right now. Everyone deserves a cremation and we are here to give your loved one just that. We will transfer the person into our care from the nursing home or hospital, provide basic mortuary care, and dress him or her in his or her clothes before cremating the body.

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We understand that most people are unable to afford a proper funeral just because of the increasing costs of putting on a funeral. That’s why we offer affordable cremations in Melbourne at the lowest prices so that it won’t put a significant burden on your family. If you are living alone and want to plan, you can also make a booking so that you are able to transcend in a dignified manner after your death. We guarantee the lowest prices in the greater Melbourne area.Planning a cremation service can sometimes be challenging, especially when other funeral directors overcharge for their services. We differentiate ourselves from other funeral parlours by offering cheap, affordable cremation services in Melbourne.

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We offer set packages for peace of mind and convenience. See below for our main service inclusions. Contact us today by calling (03) 9982 1182 for more information.

Simple Cofffin

Simple Coffin

Simple dignified timber coffin with flat top and natural finish

Single Rose

Single Rose

As a mark of respect we place a single rose representing humility & peace



Transfer of deceased into our care. No surcharge on weekends and Public Holidays



Registration of Death with Births, Deaths & Marriages and Cremation Certificate