Cheap Cremation Service

Cremations are an inexpensive way to give the departed a dignified send¬off without having to spend a great deal of money. Funerals can be very expensive and mentally taxing, from the flowers, to the coffin, to the wake. And that can put exponential stress on an already grieving family.

Compared to funerals, cremations are generally a preferred choice for many families or who can’t afford the more expensive options. It’s also an affordable alternative for situations where no prepaid funeral plans were put in place. We offer affordable services to customers throughout the greater Melbourne area with our cremation facilities and will take care of everything on your behalf, at the lowest rates.

Our cremation service starts from as little as $1,600 inclusive of GST, which is very affordable for most families. It includes everything starting from the transfer of the deceased from the nursing care facility or the hospital to our cremation facilities and then providing basic mortuary care. We will also provide the cremation certificate and return the ashes to the family if requested.

The Last Goodbye

Most families typically want an affordable cremation service that is straight forward and easy to organise. It can often be a logistical and financial challenge for unprepared families to plan a funeral as no prepaid funeral plans were made, which is why we try to make the process as easy as possible for you.

We can help you focus on the things that matter, like spending time with your loved ones rather than worry about choosing the best cheap cremation service in Melbourne. We provide an affordable cremation service at the lowest rate possible, so you won’t have to do anything, giving you the freedom to mourn with your family members.

Cheap Cremation Services
Transfer into our care from place of death
Basic Mortuary
Simple Coffin
Death Certificate
Cremation Certificate
Cremation Fee
Fresh Single Rose
Return of Ashes
$1600 including GST


Viewing available in our Chapel for up to 1 hour from 9:30 am to 4 pm Weekdays $250including GST
Oversize Coffin when required $250 including GST

Our Staff Are Caring and Understanding

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